Company Profile
Dowseng Limited is a division of Jindao Floors, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Jindao Floors, Inc.
Dowseng® Raised Access Floor Systems are renown for superior quality and performance, worldwidely distributed in over 50 countries. Dowseng customers include top twenty world-class general contractors such as Kajima, Laing O'Rourke.
Dowseng Limited is also the expert on designs of Data Center Infrastructure and Underfloor Air Distribution.
Quality Philosophy
"Should we really cut our news hole at the Buffalo News, or the quality of product and service at See's, simply because profits are down during a given year or quarter? That makes no sense to us." -- Warren E. Buffett, 1987
Be a Volume Leader
Price for what the market will bear, price for volume, then work like the devil on your costs so that you can make money at the price. This will lead you to achieve economies of scale in which the large investments that are necessary can be effective and productive and will make sense because, by being a large-volume supplier, you can spread and recoup those costs.
“If you base your business on the volume leader, you will be going after a larger business yourself.” ― Andrew S. Grove
Projects Reference
Throughout the world, Dowseng raised access floor systems are renown for superior quality and performance. Featuring the most comprehensive product line worldwide, Dowseng Inc. provides systems capable of meeting any specification requirement. With unrivaled industry experience of over twenty five years, Dowseng is the leading authority in the design and manufacture of raised access floors. Over 5 million square meters of Dowseng raised access floors are installed in commercial office buildings, libraries and data centers throughout the world.
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