Dowseng® General Office Solutions
Raised Access Flooring provides the infrastructure for future changes in the layout of offices, the application of technology, and the organization of the businesses, as well as heightens the aesthetics of the work space.
One of the advantages of a raised access floors is that it is fitted dry to overcome any difficulties on the building’s floor slab. By offering a wide variety of Aesthetical And Functional Finishes, it is an extremely versatile system which gives the designer great freedom of action.
Dowseng® Underfloor Air Distribution Solutions
Underfloor air distribution (UFAD) is an air distribution strategy for providing ventilation and space conditioning in buildings as part of the design of an HVAC system.
UFAD systems use the underfloor plenum beneath a raised floor to provide conditioned air through floor diffusers directly to the occupied zone, with the intent of maintaining comfort and indoor air quality levels only in the occupied lower portion of space.