Dowseng® Data Center Solutions
Energy Efficient Underfloor Plenum
The Hot/Cold Aisle approach is considered to be the "norm" for data center designs. Racks are aligned front to front and cold air is delivered using SteelCrete Access Floor System as an underfloor air plenum.
Underfloor cooling, if designed, installed, and operated correctly, will provide an excellent "base cooling" platform for the data center.
Seismic Rack Chassis
Supporting equipments above the raised floor greatly increases the difficulty of determining a seismic rating for a data center. Moreover, typical equipment racks can reach 2000 lbs (907 kg) in weight capacity, ensuring heavy floor loading requirements needs significant investment and planning.
Dowseng® Solutions: Racks are assembled on Seismic Rack Chassis directly, and the chassis are anchored on the concrete slab, so there is little possibility of overturn or collapse of racks in case of earthquakes.
As heavy racks are not put on the raised access floor systems directly, the loading requirements and the seismic requirements of raised access floor systems are much lower, this will save a lot of money on raised access floor investments.
Overhead Cable Management
Blockage of air due to underfloor cables: When new network or power cables are added under the floor, older unused cables are rarely pulled out to make room. Instead the cables are left undisturbed to minimize risk of downtime. The build-up of cables causes blockages in air flow which contribute to hot spots in the data center
Overhead Solutions: Cables including power/data cables and optical fibers are managed overhead, saving lots of energy because of good ventilation conditions, more significantly, Overhead Cable Management is more flexible and efficient than underfloor cable management.